forgetty - Help

We are always trying to improve forgetty and to adjust it to your requirements. Do you have questions or ideas for improvement? Simply send us an email. We are always grateful when someone points out an error to us or suggests an improvement.

On this page, you'll find helpful hints for the most important features and answers to frequently asked questions:

  • For what purpose can I use forgetty?
    forgetty helps you to coordinate groups, appointments and participants. Once you have set up a group and added participants, you can create any number of appointments and have all participants reminded of them. Participants will be asked whether they will be able to come. If the number of those who can join is not sufficient, forgetty will cancel the appointment for you. The group manager can always keep track of everything.
  • What does using forgetty cost?
    Nothing. Using forgetty is completely free of charge.
  • How many members can I manage with forgetty?
    Currently, forgetty allows you to manage up to 50 members per group.
  • Our group meets regularly once a week. How can I set that up?
    forgetty offers a comfortable serial appointment feature. It allows you to set up regular appointments – they can be weekly, monthly, yearly or even e.g. every second Tuesday of the month.
  • When I add a member, can I delete them later on?
    Yes, the group manager can always delete members. In every e-mail reminder, group members also have the option to unregister with forgetty.
  • Can I delete appointments?
    Yes. If members have not yet received any information about an appointment, that appointment can be deleted. If, however, participants have already received an info mail, then you have to cancel the appointment first before you can eventually delete it. 
  • Can I set a required minimum number of participants?
    Yes, forgetty allows you to do that, too. You can set a number of participants that has to be reached in order for the appointment to take place.
  • Our group consists of several sub-groups (e.g. the brass section and the percussion section of a band). Can I configure forgetty accordingly?
    Yes, forgetty allows you to set up any number of sub-groups and assign participants to each of them. You can also set a minimum number of participants for each sub-group individually.
  • Can I see who has already confirmed or declined an appointment?
    Yes, the group manager (admin) is always able to see, for every appointment, who has already confirmed or declined and who has not answered yet. After confirming or declining, group participants get to see an overview of the status of an appointment, which also allows them to see who has already replied.
  • How can I schedule when to inform group members of an appointment?
    When the group manager creates a new appointment, all participants will be informed automatically. Additionally, the group manager can determine how much time in advance and how often members will be reminded of an upcoming appointment.
  • When will an appointment be canceled?
    The group manager can determine how long before an appointment members have to reply. At that point in time, forgetty will check whether the required minimum number of participants has been reached. Members who did not reply will be considered declines. If not enough participants will be able to join, the system sends a notice of cancellation to all those who had previously confirmed the appointment.
  • Can I use forgetty on my mobile phone, too?
    Yes, forgetty is optimized for mobile usage and can be comfortably used from your mobile phone.
  • Is there a forgetty app, as well?
    No. forgetty is optimized for mobile usage via your browser. Therefore, you do not need a mobile app.
  • How do participants receive information?
    Members receive all information via e-mail.
  • Why is there no login for forgetty?
    You do not need a login. A unique link is created for group administration. It allows the group manager to perform all administrative tasks for the group. This link should not be passed on to anybody, it should be handled with the same care as login name and password data.
  • Are my data safe with forgetty?
    Yes, we comply with German data protection laws. Your data will be used only for the purpose of group administration and usage of our service. They will not be passed on to third parties.
  • Can I delete groups?
    As a matter of course, the group manager can always decide to delete a group. This can be done easily in the group overview. The system automatically deletes inactive groups that are no longer in use in order to optimize resources usage.